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Field of dreams … and a vision!

Casselodge was built on a vision which started with the idea in mind to have a safe environment for our hobby farm animals. We found this peaceful 28 acre property, at the dead end of Montée Lebrun, and decided this was where we would build our dream home!

A house within a house!

It all started with a local newspaper add, giving a house away by someone in the nearby community of Bourget. Little did we know that this old 1890 clapboard construction, desperately in need of a facelift, was hiding underneath its fatigued façade, a pièce-sur-pièce log home, traditional of log homes built by our French Canadian ancestors. The house was moved to our property in January 2007, and from there began a major restoration project, which included recycling of many of its original materials, and countless hours of work.

Our vision comes to life!

It became the heart and soul of our Bed and Breakfast, as it sits in the middle and makes up the interior room walls of our 2010 round 15 inch log construction. It’s quite a unique concept. Our mission is to re-create a cozy and warm atmosphere, and to provide our guests with a memorable experience.



Who we are

Nicole and François have dedicated their careers in the public service, and continue to enjoy working with the public.  

We hope to see you at Casselodge !
Yours hosts,
Nicole and François.
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